balloonsLet’s face it: SoCo at Tower Point has an amazing clubhouse. Whether you need extra space to entertain your guests, or you want to meet your neighbors and make new friends, the SoCo clubhouse is the perfect spot!

How you can utilize the clubhouse:

Celebratory Events

From new apartments to big promotions, there are milestones in life that deserve to be celebrated, and the clubhouse is the perfect space to do so. With a gorgeous interior, plenty of counter space for food and drinks, and ample seating, your guests will undoubtedly enjoy your event in this space!


Just moved in and ready to socialize? The clubhouse is the perfect place to get to know fellow residents! Watch a sports game together, chat it up, or even play a board game or two!

Birthday Parties

Planning a birthday party for yourself, a friend, or a family member? Host it at the clubhouse! There’s a full-sized refrigerator for all of your food and drink needs, a large island to gather around, and a TV that you can play a birthday slideshow on!